Why Standard Economic Models Don’t Work–Our Economy is a Network

I want to imagine something sustaianble that works on all levels, spiritual, pysical and mental.

Our Finite World

The story of energy and the economy seems to be an obvious common sense one: some sources of energy are becoming scarce or overly polluting, so we need to develop new ones. The new ones may be more expensive, but the world will adapt. Prices will rise and people will learn to do more with less. Everything will work out in the end. It is only a matter of time and a little faith. In fact, the Financial Times published an article recently called “Looking Past the Death of Peak Oil” that pretty much followed this line of reasoning.

Energy Common Sense Doesn’t Work Because the World is Finite 

The main reason such common sense doesn’t work is because in a finite world, every action we take has many direct and indirect effects. This chain of effects produces connectedness that makes the economy operate as a network. This network behaves…

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Welcome Home

Okay family, upon request, here is a description of my arrival and stay here at RCL Costa Rica… and mayhaps a little more…

This summer, at the WRG, I found out about this magical place where people go, put in what they can, setting their intentions as close the mark, the one at the centre of the heart, within the brilliant light of the Rainbow.

What I discovered was beyond my expectations, having never been in this kind of space before now.

The few who have been here for months have had time to observe the law of impermanence (of this land and by extension of life itself), letting themselves course with the flow of our mothers rivers.

There has always been someone on the land, with the exception of maybe a few days at the most, where there would be only one.

We are each seeking what we are meant to discover, from healing, hard work (or no work), pleasure, expression (on many levels), art and, most importantly, knowledge (etc…), we have come face to face with reflections of each individuals sufferings and habit patterns, those reeling cycles, leading us by extension into the well of the sicknesses that reflect in us all.

It has not been an easy journey, nor has it been too hard, for I know I am held gently by the angels and good spirits who help me here to face my daemons.

Thankfully, there is a mirror at the hand washing station next to the amazing toilet that doesn’t need much water, so we can look those daemons and angels straight in the eyes and say: “thank you”.

The cob house is on its way, the main circle is coming along, and the garden… oh the garDEN!!! It is a sanctuary for mariposas (butterfly’s), bees that don’t sting, vegetables, fruits and greens (like arugula ♥)), there are billions of places for meditation, and no… there are not 50 people here right now….

Would there be, I can only hope that we would build a shared sleeping space, as we already have an amazing kitchen with 2 living room areas in it and a library, down a short path there is a great space alongside an altar for eating, sharing music, laughing, Ohming, reading, and listening… talking and singing!

The walk from town is a joke after crossing all of North America to get here… and after being at 2 Rainbow gatherings that were not all THAT far removed (I have heard some stories of 3-4 hour walks to get to some gatherings…), it’s only a 15 minute walk into town.

There IS a shower on the land, but we are not using it as it is still the dry season, so people bath in the little brook down the hill… mind you , my travelling partner and I brought with us the rains, so today has been the first sunny day in the last 5, some of us may finally get our laundry dry!

Speaking of laundry… we have a beautiful little river at the bottom of the hill where we lay our clothes in the rocks all day to allow the flow of the river to wash away all of the accumulated dirt and grit in our clothes. Today is the first time I wash my clothes this way, I cant wait to see the results!

There are paths on the land that go off in all directions, I have many yet to explore!

Scotty is not here and his house is not boarded up, but it would be nice to have more family to put in some more love and gratitude for allowing this space to exist, as he has so generously gifted us this space.

Now that I have made it to my destination, I plan on writing, that is my dream. With the love and support of all of my family, even though I am quarantined for stomach issues at the moment… I have been blessed with a healing space, which is what I need now more than ever!

Being new (but always having been one of the Rainbows) in the family I have been blessed by having met loads of magical people. I am never too sad to watch some go and then am overjoyed when the sun comes shinning brilliantly in on the smiling faces of my brothers and sisters who I get to ”Welcome Home!!!!!!“

I hope to be here to break and to fulfil a cycle, one of healing myself and then giving back in return, to help heal this place… The local Rainbows are magnificent creatures, coming to the land, some staying with us, seeing and taking part in the good, which is what we do.

As for the other locals who have yet to open themselves up, over all, I have learned that “Ticos“, what a Costa Rican may be called, are not friendly to hitch-hikers, as they do not pick them up, but there are other people here too, so don’t despair… for example tourists and truckers, who will, or locals from another country of origin, like the nice Canadian man who saved my ass and drove me literally to the front steps of the crystal land. I did also get my first ride in Costa Rica from a nice Tico.

I am blessed, and forever will remember that those who shine the light true from their heart are bound to receive the same light reflected right back at them. So… what else can I say? ”There is room for you at our table“, there is a garden to be cared for, plants to be planted, and a lot of things to be unlearned so that we may learn to live in harmony with ourselves and with each other.

If you see a job, it’s YOURS!

Thank you family for having the patience to read my experience and I cannot wait to share more details with whomever feels the need to share, feel free to ask me as I am an open book who seeks transparency and openness, facing myself in the eyes of all that I meet.

I love you all
May all being be happy,
Loved-one (AmanDa)